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The Secret to Investing in the Brisbane Property Market

The real secret to Successfully Investing in the Brisbane Property Market is NOT to invest in the areas that are POPULAR NOW !!!

The SECRET is to INVEST in the areas that are GOING TO BE POPULAR

Most market commentators or agents you speak to will advise you to invest in suburbs of Brisbane that are strong and popular now. Because you have heard the same or similar reports in the media and other sources, you naturally agree and feel comfortable.

In truth, if your listening to this advise, so is everyone else and that area becomes very popular with buyers which then creates an over heated market pace which puts pressure on the local housing market which increases prices and that results in you paying a higher price for the property than you would have a couple of months earlier

While the advise sounds good and you can see how popular the suburb is, in truth your here too late and you are buying at the top of the price cycle. You then have top sit on the property for a long period of tome before price rise cycle comes back around and that could be 5 to 10 years.

So the real Secret to Investing in the Brisbane Property Market is to not go where everyone else is. You just end up in a price war. You need to be looking in a nearby suburb that right no is off the radar of the media and other buyers agents.

This is the market I study and work in, I can show you ares where you can purchase a very good property within 15 kilometres of the Brisbane CBD at a very low price. Now!

They won't be cheap for long and thats the time you will appreciate me.


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