What is a Buyers Agent

What is a Buyers Agent, a Buyers Agent is an agent appointed to purchase property on behalf of buyers.  This involves finding properties that satisfy a clients criteria, carrying out due diligence on properties and assistance in acquiring the property by negotiation or at auction.

Buyers Agents are governed by legislation and codes of conduct covered by the Office of Fair Trade. A Buyers Agent work for the purchaser and by law must disclose any commissions payable or received.

Benefits of using a buyers’ agent?

Generally a buyers agent will have access to properties not listed on mainstream websites and other forms of media. The buyers agent will have access to a number of real estate agencies that will provide stock to the agent prior to advertising it elsewhere. This is a fast process for the agent and for the owner of the property being sold.

A buyers agent will also perform additional tasks such as full in-depth property reporting and future value growth predictions and rental returns.

Buyers Agent work for you

A buyers agent works for you and is out to ensure your best interests are put first and the properties recommended meet your requirements.

A Buyers Agent saves you time

Looking for the right property takes time and effort. By utilising the services of a buyers agent you will end up with a shortlist of properties that meet your needs. The buyers agent would have carried out his or her own inspections of any recommended property prior to presenting the section to you.

Buyers Agents save you money

A professional Buyers Agent will not only advise and communicate on property purchasers but will negotiate with the selling agent, call councils, assess costs with renovating and liaise with your solicitor, broker, architect and pest and building inspectors.

A Buyers Agent will provide you with their expertise, experience and gain access to the resources they have available so that you can be assured that your purchase is not only right for you but that you are paying the right amount for it.

Buyers Agents can save their clients tens of thousands of dollars, from not buying the wrong property to ensuring they negotiate the lowest achievable price for the right property.

If you would like to try using the services of a buyers agent please add your details to the form below and we will begin search for you.