Brand New Brisbane Investment Properties

Brand New Brisbane Investment Properties

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As a Brisbane Buyers Agent, I can provide my clients with a source of Brand New Brisbane Investment Properties. These properties are not located in large estates where you will always have similar properties competing for tenants and buyers which reduces the return and capital growth potential of your investment property.

Things to Look Out For

If your going to invest in a Brand New Brisbane Investment property or house and land package there are a couple of things to look out for.

  • Location, with land prices soaring in Brisbane the chances of your new investment property being located over 25 kilometres from the Brisbane CBD is high and if you are being sold too by a wealth creation type business, the chances are very high the location will be remote.
  • The number of properties in the estate is the next important point to consider when investing in a Brand New Investment Property in Brisbane. Many promoters of a new investment house and land packages source their properties from large property developers and incentives them to sell their properties.
  • Financial Benefit, are you being sold a property for your true financial benefit or for the financial benefit of the salesperson. This is something I am totally against, to promote a brand new Brisbane investment property based on numbers that may look very good but the property is within a large estate 33 kilometres from the Brisbane CBD.

Brand New Brisbane Investment Properties

Better Way

There is a better way and it is very low risk and provides a high return.  Instead of building a brand new Brisbane investment property in a large estate, I search the Brisbane property market for what we call infill blocks which are blocks of land that have been created from a subdivision of a bigger property. Usually, it’s a house that has been knocked down and the lot subdivided into two lots. There are a number of benefits to this type of new home build with the first being the location. It will be closer to the Brisbane CBD than any new house and land package in an estate. The second benefit is the lack of local market competition, there will be very few new homes available to either rent or buy in an established suburb closer to Brisbane.


Brand New Brisbane Investment Properties

Ideal Position

The ideal position of your new investment money should follow the standard rule of property investing which is, as close to the Brisbane CBD as budget allows. Then we apply a second rule and that is in regards to the neighbouring properties. It’s very important to source land that is located in close proximity to more expensive properties as their average price will increase the value of the property we are creating.

Brand New Brisbane Investment Properties

House Design

The house design is very important, it must blend in with the houses in the street. It must appeal to a wide range of tenants and when the time comes, it must also appeal to a wide range of potential buyers. 4 bedrooms 2 bathrooms dual living areas with double lockup garage is the standard format. Air conditioning in the master bedroom and main living area with ceiling fans in all other rooms.

Brand New Brisbane Investment Properties

This type of property will appeal to a very wide range of people who are either looking for a property to rent or a home to buy.


The Finished Property

The finished property should blend in well with other homes in the street and the suburb, it should be valued less than the homes in its near vicinity and it should look good for years to come.


Brand New Brisbane Investment Properties

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