Brisbane Flood Map Access Brisbane Property Flood Information

Brisbane Flood Map

Brisbane Flood Map gives you access to a wide range of Brisbane Flood Information resources and data. Use these resources To check to see if an individual property is affected by flooding including historical data. View a map of the property and area showing flood overlays generate property flood rating reports.

Brisbane Flood Map

Brisbane City Council's Flood Awareness Map for general awareness about the possibility of flooding in a local area.Use this map to check an individual property address or suburb. This map provides historic flooding information and information on different sources of flooding.

Flood Wise Awareness Interactive Map

FloodWise Property Reports show the risk and type of flooding at a specific property. This enables you to plan and build new habitable floor levels in accordance with Brisbane City Council's requirements. Council bases the information in the report on the latest flood studies and models endorsed by Council.

Flood Check Queensland

The Queensland Flood Check Map gives you access to a web map application that provides information on flood plains, modelled and historic flood maps, imagery and reports.

Further Resources

Brisbane Property Resources from Brisbane Buyers Agent Alistair Kelsall. Here you will find links to local government resources, flood check sites and property support services.