Brisbane Off Market Property

Brisbane Off Market Property

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Brisbane Off Market Property sales are properties for sale that have not been made available to the general public. The majority of the properties I purchase are Off Market and come from my extensive network of Real Estate professionals who are either looking for a fast and reliable sales process or the seller does not want to go through the normal and inconvenient sales process.

What is an Off Market Property

A true  Market Property is a property that is made available for sale but is not advertised to the general public.

What is the Advantage of an Off Market Property Sale

The advantages of an Off Market Property are huge with the biggest advantage is the price you pay for the property. This is especially true in todays market place where high buyer demand is driving up property prices. In an Off Market Property Sales you avoid market competition which reduces the amount of offer from other prospective boys that your offer has to compete against.

How Do You Find Off Market Properties For Sale

There are a number of apps and businesses out there these days that base their business on providing Brisbane Off Market Properties to the general public but I have not seen one of these systems work or provide real time properties. In truth the only way to secure a Brisbane Off Market Property is through someone like me, a Brisbane Buyers Agent with an extensive network of real estate agents. I am constantly supplied a regular amount of Off market Properties for sale in Brisbane and if I have a potential buyer that matches the criteria, then I will do everything I can to secure the property.

As an example I recently had an enquiry from a young family relocating to Brisbane. They wanted to find a property in a certain suburb that matched all their requirements and was within budget. A week later out of the blue a local agent sent me an email with a property that matched the clients needs. I acted on it immediately and successfully purchased the home. The price we paid I believe was at least $100K below what the property could have achieved if it went to the open market. I did not purchase it based the price, I purchased it because it met the clients needs. Now the client is here and can see the home for himself and get to know the market place, he called me to say thank you and recognised that he had secured a bit of a bargain.

Brisbane Off Market Properties For Sale
Brisbane off market properties for sale

Example Brisbane Off Market Properties

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