Brisbane Property Auction Services

Brisbane Property Auction Services for clients who wish to have professional representation coaching and advice before & during the auction process. My Brisbane Buyers Agent service includes conducting property inspections, preparing property reports and valuations. Development and implementation of a bidding strategy.

Bidding at an auction can be a daunting task, especially if you have never attended or purchased a property via the auction process. As a Brisbane Buyers Agent, I can either act on your behalf in the bidding process or I can act as your advisor during the auction process.

If you choose to engage me to assist you in the Auction process I follow and a number of steps in order to achieve the desired outcome.

Ascertain Value

The first step is to ascertain the value of the property. I have a number of methods I employ to accurately assess the value of a property. I provide my clients with a price range that takes into account the lowest anticipated price a property may achieve and then the maximum price. Consideration needs to be given to current market conditions, the amount of available stock in the area and the predicted amount of potential buyers that will be bidding for the property. These are the factors that go into establishing a value range for a particular property.

Determine Drivers

Determine the drivers behind the sale of the property. If you can identify the reasons for the sale then you can develop a purchase strategy based upon the drivers of the sale. Is there financial hardship, relationship breakdowns, deceased estate or are the sellers simply trying to secure the highest possible sales price. Once you know the Driving force behind the auction and you have determined an acceptable value range, you can then develop a Purchase strategy.

Develop Strategy

Developing a purchase strategy is based upon the information we have derived from the previous 2 steps. By determining the amount we can pay for the property and identifying the reasons behind the sale of the property we can then choose a curse of action that will achieve the desired result. That will either involve presenting an offer to the owners prior to going to auction or attending the auction with the intention of bidding on the property.


If you can purchase a property prior to the property going to auction then you can remove the competition from the auction process.

Keep in Mind

Keep in mind that if you purchase a property at auction, there are no finance or building and pest inspection clauses to offer you any protection. You should have your finance in place and be aware of the condition of the property.

Brisbane Buyers Agent Auction Services

  • Physical Inspection
  • Property Report
  • Purchase Strategy
  • Property Valuation
  • Attend Auction Bid
  • Basic Building Inspection

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