Brisbane Property Market Report December 2021

Brisbane Property Market Report December 2021

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Brisbane Property Market Report December 2021

Brisbane Property Market Report December 2021 by Alistair Kelsall, Brisbane Buyers Agent. This Brisbane Property Market is changing with fewer potential buyers attending open homes and for the first time in months, fewer clearances from auctions. If you go back and read the November Brisbane Property Market update, I predicted a slow down in the Brisbane property market starting in November and the evidence is clear that this prediction was accurate.

What is Happening

It is clear the market is softening slightly in the Brisbane property market but this is something we expect to happen at this time of year when people are more concerned about the Christmas holiday period than buying property. It is very clear though that there are fewer people at open homes and that is a very big indicator of the market.

Why is this Happening

The biggest factor that controls market activity is the media, one of my golden rules to property investing is “Don’t Listen To The Media”.  If the media starts talking about potential interest rate increases, it tends to have a very fast impact on potential buys in the market and this has been one of the biggest factors to affect the property market.

The other factor affecting the Brisbane property market is available properties, there has been a definite reduction in the number of good homes available for sale in the Brisbane region.

The Effect

The effect of this current market phase has led me to a resumption in purchasing properties for my investor clients. Prices have been very high with strong competition which means that I am having to compete with multiple offers and the property prices have been driven up which meant that I could not bring my usual level of strong value to my clients. However, I have purchased 2 very good investment properties this month for clients that have been waiting to secure their properties and were trusting enough to wait till the market improved.

The Christmas Period

I will be available over the Christmas period as this is the time of least market competition and those who need to sell will be very open to offers.

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