Brisbane Property Negotiation Services

Brisbane Property Negotiation Services

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Brisbane Property Negotiation Services. Alistair Kelsall, Brisbane Buyers Agent is an expert negotiator and have and will establish a strategy that is designed to secure a property at the right price.

What’s Included

Brisbane Property Negotiation Services involves conducting a full inspection of the property as per our Brisbane Property Inspection Service. From this service, we can accurately place a value on the property and build a 3 step offer strategy that is designed in its a method to purchase the property at our agreed price.

How It Works

This property negotiation strategy is highly successful and works every time. It’s all about knowing certain factors of the property sale and that’s my job as a Brisbane Buyers Agent. We need to understand the seller’s motivation and decide very early on if they are serious about selling the property and their asking price is fair to all parties involved.

My role is to secure the property for the best price possible and I have successfully saved people thousands of dollars on the purchase price, just by understanding the key issues affecting the sale. A good example is a recent property I just purchased on behalf of a client $15,000 under the asking price. Read More…

The Process

  • The process usually involves 3 steps, the initial offer, which is placed at a predefined percentage below the asking price.
  • The Counter Offer I can accurately predict the amount it will come back at and is designed to lead the owner or agent to submit this counteroffer above the price we want to pay for the property.
  • The Final Offer from our side of the transaction and will be the price we agreed on being the right price for the property.

The Outcome

This property negotiation strategy is highly successful and works every time. It’s all about knowing

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