Doolandella Property Investing Strong Capital Growth

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    Doolandella Property Investing Strong Capital Growth is clearly shown here in this real-life example property which has achieved an increase in value of $75,000 in just 8 months using the purchase price we paid for the property and a current bank valuation for the purposes of purchasing another investment property.

    This property was advertised for offers over $500K when I originally purchased it on behalf of a client in Sydney in December 2020. However, I was able to negotiate a price of $485,000 with very good conditions.

    Today in only 8 months we have achieved a real and conservatively measured value increase of $75,000. This is from an official bank valuation and does not take into account the current market conditions. If it were to go to market it would achieve at least $580,000.

    This is a typical example of what I am seeing in the Doolandella, Durack and Richlands suburbs, demand for good properties in seeing the values significantly increase.


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