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House & Land Property Selection System

Brisbane Buyers Agent Selection Methods

House and Land Property Selection System was developed by Alistair Kelsall, a Brisbane Buyers Agent with over 19 years experience. The system is based on the standard established property selection system with additional selection criteria designed to maximise the potential return of a new Brisbane Investment House and Land Package. 

I do not promote the investment of any brand new house and land package in large estates. This leads to high levels of market competition when renting or selling the property. Instead, I focus on infill blocks or smaller boutique estates.

House & Land Property Selection System
House & Land Property Selection System

Location Location Location

All my systems follow a couple of simple golden rules of property investing.

  • Distance to Capital City
  • Distance to Water


In selecting a location to build a brand new investment property we need to identify a suburb that is showing signs of Growth. It’s important that we can identify actual real signs of growth rather than speculating as this reduces the risk.

The only way to do this is to know the Brisbane Property Market and get out there to see for yourself what is going on.

Identify Available Land

Once we have selected are target suburbs, we then need to identify suitable land to build out a new home on. We will target small boutique estates or infill blocks. 

An infill block is a block of land that is part of a subdivision, usually, an owner has a property on land over 800 m2 and has split the block in two with the intention of selling the 2 lots off for a bigger profit than if he sold the original home as it was. This is the most desired location for our new investment house and land package. 

A boutique estate can also be a very good option as long as there are less than 20 blocks of land available, the estate has a limitation on the number of investment properties allowed to be built and the land sizes are over 400m2.

House & Land Property Selection System
House & Land Property Selection System

The Neihbours

It’s very important to source land that is located in close proximity to more expensive properties as their average price will increase the value of the property we are creating. 

For example, if our property costs $540,000 to build and the houses on either side are valued at over $700,000. It is very reasonable to assume that their values will affect the value of our new property. 

House Design

The house design is very important, it must blend in with the houses in the street. It must appeal to a wide range of tenants and when the time comes it must also appeal to a wide range of potential buyers. 

The standard formula for a new home is 4 bedrooms 2 bathrooms dual living areas with double lockup garage is the standard format. Air conditioning in the master bedroom and main living area with ceiling fans in all other rooms. The internal living area should be over 170 m2. 

House & Land Property Selection System
Brisbane Property Selection System


It is very important to produce a property under the median house price for the suburb and then well under the median house price for the street whilst producing a very high-quality build. 

The return is very important as well, there is no point investing money if it is not going to give you a strong return on investment. 

The Final Result

The final result will be a property that is located in a suburb that is predicted to grow in value in the near future, appeals to a wide range of tenants and is low maintenance.

A property we can all be proud of.

House & Land Property Selection System

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