Instant Equity

Instant Equity

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Instant Equity

This client’s Land Value Increased by over $80K in one year. It was a house and land package where I sourced the land and in conjunction with my builder, designed a property that would match the street and the suburb.


This is a property that was built for a client. I sourced the block of land in the Bayside suburb of Victoria Point within 100 meters of Moreton Bay. This location is on a peninsula that juts out into the bay and the shape creates a natural limit to the amount of land available. This increases demand which increases the value. Further inland there are over 16 estates that are all mainly sold out.

All the indications that the peninsula would soon come under increased market pressure, which it did.

I paid on behalf of the client $289,000, less than 12 months later, the same sized blocks of land are now being sold less than 700 meters away in a slightly better location for $440,000.

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