Most Successful Investment Property

Most Successful Investment Property

Most Successful Investment Property

The Most Successful Investment Property is a Brisbane Buyers Agent Custom Built Investment Property that gives you the opportunity to purchase a brand new investment property in a unique location in Brisbane. By sourcing land in a good location and then designing and building a very good quality home on the property, you can make some very good capital growth in the short term. Most sellers of brand new homes limit you to housing estates where there are many other home being built and all those homes will hold your property growth back. It’s simple supply and demand.

What if you could find a very good block of land in a good location in between a number of expensive houses. As an example on the property I am building right now for a client in Perth. The suburb of Victoria Point has recently seen a number of estates open up 5 kilometres from the water. These homes are  not cheap and based on the fact that many people are choosing to live closer to the water for the lifestyle rather than being closer to Brisbane. I found a block of land 1.6 kilometres to the very tip of Victoria Point and only about 500 meters to the water. The house on the left is valued at over $1 million and the house to the right is valued at over $900,000.  We are building a 4 bedroom to bathroom home on this block of land with the total price being $520,000. Due to it’s position and the demand for land closer to the water, this property is going to receive some significant capital growth over the next 2 years.

The benefits of building this type of investment property is firstly the capital growth and then the additional tax education you get by way of depreciation. Thats how simple it is. I have many case studies of this method producing fast capital growth just buy following a basic formula. The hard part is finding the land but with a good network of agents, I am always getting offered good blocks.


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