Off Market Properties For Sale Brisbane Queensland

Off Market Properties For Sale Brisbane Queensland

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Off Market Properties For Sale Brisbane Queensland are available from Alistair Kelsall a Brisbane Buyers Agent with many contacts in the real estate industry who provide him with a regular supply of Off-Market properties for sale prior to making them available to the general public. There are many benefits to purchasing a property in Brisbane off-market such as securing a good property at a lower price than if it went to the open market.

Generally, you can save between $10,000 to $20,000 below the price the property could achieve on the open market. The reason for this is that there are far more buyers than there are properties at this time and many of these buyers have been trying to purchase a property for a long period of time. They are attending open homes with around 40 other people who then become their competitors when it comes to placing an offer on a home. To give themselves the highest possible chance of their offer being successful, the people are placing higher than normal offers which is, in turn, driving the price of the Brisbane property market up.

As a Brisbane Buyers Agent, it does not make sense to me to try and purchase a property from an open home where I am just one of many other potential buyers. I cannot secure the home for a good price and I have to compete with all the other potential buyers. I am not performing my role in securing for you, my client, property at a good price.

The last 6 properties I have purchased have all been off market and come from 2 sources:

Direct from Agents

I have a number of agents who will let me know what properties they have coming onto the market in the near future and make these properties available to me until they are ready for the open market. Or an owner has expressed his desire to sell a property as fast as possible. In both cases, it makes sense for the agent to work with me rather than a member of the public. He knows that there is a very high chance that any property I purchase on behalf of a client will proceed all the way through to settlement as I bring a known quality buyer to him. If he let anyone else purchase the property, he has no knowledge of their financial situation or personal circumstances which reduces the chance of a property sale going through to completion. He has then taken a property off the market for maybe 30 days and has to start the process all over again.

Direct from Previous Clients

Some of my previous clients have reached a point where they would like to sell their property for various reasons. As I have always said, I am very proud of every single property I have ever purchased for a client and stand by these properties 100% and for this reason, I will always promote existing clients properties to my current customers.

This is a good way of purchasing a property directly from one party to another without any agents saving the seller the normal commissions he would have to pay which allows for a reduction in the potential sale price of the property,

Buying a property Off Market

Buying a property Off Market in Brisbane makes great sense. You avoid market competition from other buyers and you save between $10,000 to $20,000 off the potential property price if the home was made available to the general public.


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