Petrie University Investment Property

Petrie University Investment Property

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Petrie University Investment Property

In anticipation of the increase in demand for investment properties due to the new Petrie university opening in 2020. I purchased this 4 Bedroom 2 Bathroom property in Bray Park for below $450K. It is very well fitted out and a large internal floor plan with dual living areas and an outdoor entertaining area.


During the past 12 months, the Bray Park suburb has seen an annual growth rate of 2.55%, however, we chose this suburb and property due to the fact that we can accurately predict an increase in pressure on the local housing market. is stating the suburb is in High Demand with properties selling on average in under 31 days, which in this market is very fast.


You don’t purchase a property at the top of the price cycle, which is where Bray Park is heading. You look for potential future market drivers that will create an increase in pressure on the local property market and buy well before that pressure occurs. Otherwise, you are paying top dollar for a property with little chance of capital growth. I have a saying, if the media are promoting a suburb as a good investment option, it’s all too late. You need to be one step ahead of the rest and purchase in the suburbs that are going to be popular in the future.

It is a gamble but if you study the market as I do, you will see suburbs that are very undervalued and close to the Brisbane CBD and there is only one way for their values and rental returns to go.

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