Brisbane Buyers Agent Portfolio The Gap

Brisbane Buyers Agent Portfolio The Gap

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Brisbane Buyers Agent Portfolio The Gap, a home purchased for a family relocating from Victoria to Brisbane in the new year. Purchased by Alistair Kelsall Brisbane Buyers Agent and is a very good example of purchasing a property amongst high levels of competition from other buyers.

To secure this property we had to overcome competition from other potential buyers. We needed to ensure we submitted an offer that was close to the very highest offer from other potential buyers. We then had to determine the seller’s requirements and submit our offer that would appeal to their plans rather than just being the best offer.

This is where my real estate contacts and many years of experience come into play. I have worked with the Ray White group for many years so most of the agents know me and because they know I represent buyers that are pre-approved and ready to go, it is a benefit to them o deal with me.  They know that any contract we enter into will proceed to settlement. Whereas if they accept an offer from a member of the general public they will not know the buyer’s background or financial situation.

In the case of this property, it was made known to me by the agent that the amount of our offer was good but the seller required the same tighter times frames in regards to the finance and settlement. This we could easily amend which meant we now had an offer to the seller which met all their requirements.

This is the value proposition that I Alistair Kelsall a Brisbane Buyers Agent brings to my clients. Having very strong local market knowledge and a high number of contacts in the real estate industry means I can assist my buyers in securing the perfect property.

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