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    I was recently referred to a young lady who was looking for a Brisbane Unit to Live in. As a Brisbane Buyers Agent, I feel strongly that if you are going to purchase a unit then that unit should have special features that will appeal to a wide range of both tenants and potential buyers in the future. Using this method of identifying suitable properties for my clients means they will be able to maximise the future potential capital growth of the property and its returns.


    There are many units on the market today that all look alike or have the prison feeling to them as you enter the building. This puts a certain percentage of potential buyers of the property which reduces market demand which therefore reduces capital growth and returns. Purchasing a slightly unique Brisbane Unit will ensure the property will perform well into the future and always be in demand.

    The Unit

    In this case, the unit is located in Coorparoo, about 5 kilometres from the Brisbane CBD. It was a suburb the buyer wanted to live in as it is close to shopping centre, entertainment areas and most importantly, walking distance to the train station as the buyer worked in the city and wanted to be able to walk to the train station.


    The unit I purchased for her was in a small block of 5 with secure parking and access to the building. The unit itself was very large with a spacious feeling in all the rooms and a very big balcony area. 2 very roomy bedrooms and 2 bathrooms completed the requirements for a unique Brisbane Unit.

    Brisbane Unit To Live In
    Brisbane unit to live in features


    The owner was asking for $475,000.00 for this unit which in my opinion was very overpriced. I valued the unit at between $420,000 to $440,000 but this is a seller’s market place and I am seeing more and more buyers at open homes for units so the market is starting to move. The final price we negotiated for the unit was $445,000 which we all agree was fair.


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