Budget Investment Property Durack

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    Budget Investment Property Durack, client requirements we for a Brick and Tile property as close to Brisbane as possible for under $300,000.  This property might not be the prettiest home around, but it is cash flow positive by over $150 per week with a return of 6%.

    With 3 bedrooms and 600 m2 of land, this is a very good option. It’s the cheapest house in the street with many homes valued at well over $550K. There is only one way for the value of the property to go and that’s up.

    It has never been vacant since we purchased it 2 years ago now, and we have not spent a cent on it. The whole purpose of the purchase was to obtain and very low priced property in a good location. There are not too many capitals cities in Australia where you can purchase a property like this for under $300,000.


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