Doolandella Investment Property

Doolandella Investment Property

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Doolandella Investment Property purchased for a young investor from Sydney. It was the lowest priced property in the area and only 6 years old. it is in great condition with tenants who would like to sign up for a 2-year lease. This is a very good location, around 14 kilometres south of the Brisbane CBD priced under $500K for 4 bedrooms 2 bathroom Brick and tile home of 500 m2 of land.

The property costs $369.00 per week to fund and returns $455 per week in rent. This is an investment that is low maintenance, close to Brisbane, in an area in line for string capital growth this year as land becomes less available and demand increases.

Indicators for the price rise are located in three neighbouring suburbs, Heathwood, Pallara, and Richlands. There are new estates in these suburbs that are further out than Dollandella and land sizes for these new properties are in the 300 m2 and below, the properties being built are of smaller size yet the price is the same. When you keep in mind it’s the land that is the valuable part of the property then it is only natural to see a price rise in this area of the existing homes on the bigger blocks.

This is an example of a property that is listed as a brand new home to be built. It’s priced at $472,680 and is a 4 bedroom 2 bathroom house on 298 m2 of land. There are no details of the actual size of the build but 200 m2 less land size for the same money.

With land being the key component of the property value and these new homes being built on land less than 300 m2 for the same price as an existing less than 10-year-old property. It is logical for these established properties to receiver a significant boost in value in the next 2 to 5 years.

There are not too many areas in Brisbane where you can buy a cash flow positive property this close to the city for under $500,000 and it won’t stay that way for long. I am already seeing the prices increase in this area and I will say by the middle of the year, prices will increase significantly as demand increases for these types of properties.

Have a walk through and see what you get for your money. Less than $500,000 on land around 500 m2 compared to around the same price on land less than 300 m2. It makes sense.

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