Low Cost High Return Brisbane Investment Properties

Low Cost High Return Brisbane Investment Properties

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Low Cost High Return Brisbane Investment Properties Brisbane Buyers Agents may have access to many low-cost Brisbane Investment Properties but what are you getting for your money and where is it located. For $300,000 you can go out to Ipswich and buy an investment property out there but there is a large amount of vacant land and the area which holds back the growth of the area. In fact, for 17 years now people have been telling me that Ipswich is the place to invest but it hasn’t performed at all over this time. When a client

If you are going to invest and you have a low budget then source that property in the best of the lower-priced areas where you can see there is potential for growth.

For example, a client came to me with a budget of $340,000. The area I suggested we target was Edens Landing, a suburb located 30 kilometres south of the Brisbane CBD. This is the best of the suburbs in the area, it is also located just off the major highway taking you to either Brisbane, the Airport, the Gold Coast or the Sunshine Coast. This appeals to families who want to get to the Gold Coast in a short time but also want to be close to Brisbane.

The property itself is on 743 m2 of land and is in excellent condition. In terms of cash flow, this property financed at 100% plus costs has an interest-only payment of $302 per week. The current rental on the property is $365 per week.


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