Townhouse Murrumba Downs Floor Plan

Townhouse Murrumba Downs

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Townhouse Murrumba Downs was purchased for a client to live in. This is the first townhouse I have purchased for a client as I have always stated that the best form of an investment property is a house with land. However, if a client is on a budget and restricted to a certain location then we have to be open to all options. In this case, the budget was limited and the location was strict which meant looking at alternative housing options.

Homes in the area were over our budget so we changed criteria to townhouses and set about finding a unique townhouse. The problem with. the townhouse market is that they are all very similar in design with limited outdoor areas and narrow confined internal living space.

Townhouse Murrumba Downs

After inspecting a number of properties we settled on this one due to the size of the open-plan internal living area and the expansive outdoor area. While most townhouses feel confined, this one had the feel of a small house. These factors will be important in the future when looking to sell or rent the property out. The unique features of this property will ensure it always has a higher level of demand than other townhouses in the area which will ensure stronger capital growth and returns on the investment.


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