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Brand New Investment Properties

Brand New Investment Properties can yield a very good profit in the short term. You need to find the right land in the right location at the right price and then deisgn a good quality home to maximise the potential of the location. Our clients in Perth conveyed their desire to find a suitable investment property option that would give them good capital growth as well as a strong rental return so as not to affect their lifestyle.

Within 2 days we had managed to source some very cheap land in a tiny boutique estate just north of Brisbane. A suitable home to maximise the land and position plus accommodate a large family with 2 cars was designed and presented to the clients.

The resulting property was built for them in just under 16 weeks and rented out within the first week again to a professional couple needing  a large home for their 3 kids.  It was built close to both schools and major shopping centres which gave them easy access to everything they needed. The home has been rented out for over 12 months now to the same couple.

Being a brand new home there is very little maintenance required and if there is the home is covered by a 6 year warranty. As the clients live in Perth and the Property is all the way over in Queensland, it is treated like our own investment property and visited just about every week to ensure it still looks as good as the day it was completed.