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Budget Brisbane Investment Property

Budget Brisbane Investment Property is what the customer asked for and that is exactly what they got and more.

This is a prime example of a property priced under $350,000 within 12 kilometres of the Brisbane CBD. It’s a 3 Bedroom 1 Bathroom home on 640 m2 of land in a very good location and it’s as solid as a rock with a return 5.2%. Thats not bad at all. Being Brick it is low maintenance and the big block will ensure it appreciates in value.

What you need to consider when sourcing these properties is the value of the other suburbs close by and the effect they will have on the source property in the future. Just shows you what you can buy for under $350,000 and still be relatively close to Brisbane.

Some people snub their noses at these properties but you need to think of this in a different way. An investment is when you take money and invest it into something and from that you get a return. With property you get 2 forms of return, capital growth and rental income.

This is also a very good example of my location philosophy, find an expensive high demand suburb and by near that. At some point the high value will drift over to the cheaper suburbs. We see it all the time and it’s a low risk investment strategy.

In this case, this young couple have invested minimal finds of their own, the rental income fully covers the funding costs and the property is within 12 kilometres of the Brisbane CBD. In  effect they have now got themselves a very nice investment that does not cost them anything to maintain. Cash Flow Positive.