Instant Equity

Brisbane Buyers Agent House and Land Packages are the most secure way to create instant equity in a property. You need to select land that is positioned well and preferably what we call an infill block which is a block of land that has been subdivided into smaller blocks and sold off. The second part of the equation is ensuring the property is located between far more expensive properties.

In this case, the land was sourced in Victoria Point. There are many new estates in this area however they are around 5 kilometres from the water and obviously surrounded by very similar looking properties of the same value. When they are completed their values will be compared to the properties around them which result in a valuation of what you paid for the property. Compare this to a property that is being built in between 2 very expensive homes and you have the right formula to create fast capital growth.

One one side of this property is a house valued at around the mid $800,000 mark and on the other side is a property worth over 1 million. The property we are building has a total cost of just $510,000 and will be a 4 bedroom 2 bathroom home of a high standard.

It’s the value of the land that gives us that capital growth, there is not many blocks available this close to the water which means demand is high and that means prices increase.