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Spec Investment Property Carseldine by Brisbane Buyers Agents Investate.  Property Carseldine is a typical example of building an investment property on an infill block. Located 16 kilometres North of the Brisbane CDB and very close to the Railway Station, this property was an excellent purchase for for our client.

The land cost $265,000 in 2016, during this time when the plans went off to council for approval which were delayed for a very long time. So much so that the young customer started to get impatient and asked if we could source another block of land. That was 6 months after we purchased this block and the cheapest block of land we could find close to this location, of the same size would cost $350,000. In less than 12 months due to the high demand for land in the area the value of the land increased by $85,000. 

This is a very common example of the Brisbane Investment Properties we create, identify and area that will be in high demand, source a good block of land in a strong location and sit back and watch what the market does.

Financials and Results

The Total Package Price for the House and Land was $505,000

The current valuation on the property is $628,000

Increase in value by $123,000 or 20% Growth.

Returns and Repayments

The property Costs $437 per week at the current high investment loan interest rates.

The property is rented out for $520 per week.

Gross profit per week is $83.00

Gross Return is 5.3%

Median Prices

Median Property Price for a 4 Bedroom House in Carseldine is $628,000


We are only 2 years into this build and as soon as the vacant land in the suburb of Bridgeman Downs runs out, demand for land in this area is going to dramatically increase. What we have created for our client is a very stable investment property that pays for itself.

Alistair Kelsall

Alistair Kelsall

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