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Victoria Point Investment Property 12 Months ago we purchased a 400 m2 block of and in Jordana Ct, Victoria Point for $289,000.00.  I have just paid $449,000 for the exact same sized block of land less than a kilometer away. It’s a superior location but it shows the high increase in land values in such a short amount of time.

Conservatively our client has made at least $70,000 in a 6 month period.

Victoria Point is going through a growth phase as more people choose to live closer to Moreton Bay as a lifestyle choice rather than locate themselves closer to the city of Brisbane. this is clearly evident from the number of estates that are on the market right now. I have counted over 15 so far and I know of at least another 5. But these estates are further back from the water where as this property is just a few hundred meters from the water and it’s a peninsular so there is a limit to the actual amount of available land which creates pressure on the local housing market which creates growth in values.

Victoria Point Investment Property Construction

Alistair Kelsall

Alistair Kelsall

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