Complete Brisbane Buyers Agent Service

Complete Brisbane Buyers Agent Service

Alistair Kelsall provides a complete Brisbane Buyers Agent Service where all your needs are taken care of. From the moment you contact me to0 long after your property has settled, I am here to provide you with local property representation services.  No matter what you need I will be here to look after you.

You do not need to engage any other services when purchasing a property in Brisbane with me, I have the best professional network ready to assist you in their respective areas of expertise. None of the professional services I engage on your behalf is paid or pays me any type of referral fee. This is very important to note, these service providers work directly for you and act in your best interest and will provide their own individual services or reports.

When you purchase a property in Brisbane, you will need some local services in addition to mine. For example:

  • Local Conveyancing Services
  • Building and Pest Inspection
  • Property Management
  • Financial Services
  • Property Valuation


After the property has settled, your direct contact with the day to day running of the property will be through the property management team, if there are any minor issues that need to be taken care and I am able to handle them, then the property managers will contact me and I will ensure the issues are taken care of.

If we decide to carry out property improvement or development services then I will be here to orchestrate the entire process on your behalf, providing contact updates to the property owner.

In my mind all the properties I purchase are mine!, you own them but they are also mine and I am very proud of them all and will always be here to take care of them. This is a long term relationship that goes far beyond the purchase of a property.


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