Complete Brisbane Buyers Agent Service

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    Complete Brisbane Buyers Agent Service provided by Alistair Kelsall where all your needs are taken care of. From the moment you contact me to0 long after your property has settled, I am here to provide you with local property representation services.  No matter what you need I will be here to look after you.

    Brisbane Buyers Agent Services

    Below is an outline of the processes I follow to provide you with the best property you can get at the right price and in the right location.

    Step 1. The purpose of my process is to identify the perfect property for you and it starts with the Getting Started Form. This form will record the purpose of the purchase, the type of property, your preferred locations, and your budget and expectations of the property from an investment point of view.

    Step 2. The next phase is to commence a property search and start sending you selected properties for your feedback. This part is very important and allows me to narrow down the property selection unline with your requirements and preferences. In addition to submitting properties for your approval and feedback, I will also be providing information regarding the suburb and the reasons why it has been selected.

    When Selecting a location and a property I follow a system I have developed over the past 10 years and always results in properties that provide strong levels of both capital growth and returns. You can read about the system here >>>

    The first 2 steps are designed for you to get to know the Brisbane Property Market, the Suburbs, and the Properties. By following this method you will learn about Brisbane and I will learn about your requirements and preferences.

    Step 3. Inspect and Report on properties matching your requirements. If we agree that a property is suitable, I will conduct a physical inspection of the home and create and full 360-degree virtual tour of the property. This is the best way I can bring the property to you and is viewable on any device from anywhere in the world. You can view more about Virtual Property Tours Here and see a real-life example.

    Step 4. Negotiate the purchase of a suitable property. When a suitable property has been identified and we are happy to proceed with the purchase, I will create a purchase strategy for the property. The first step is to value the property and then discuss the price we are willing to pay for the home which has been agreed by both of us.

    Step 5. Due Diligence is provided by external independent third-party services that work directly from you, not me. I do not pay or receive any commissions or payments of any type from any third party service. They act in your best interest and are being recommended by me because I consider their services to be the best in the industry. Services include Conveyancing, Building, and Pest Inspections, Property Management.

    Step 6. Settlement of the property is attended by your local conveyancing solicitor, if the property is for investment then the keys will be collected by the incoming property manager. I however am in the background during all these stages ready to assist with anything that is needed.

    Total Brisbane Property Purchase Service

    You do not need to engage any other services when purchasing a property in Brisbane with me, I have the best professional network ready to assist you in their respective areas of expertise. None of the professional services I engage on your behalf is paid or pays me any type of referral fee. This is very important to note, these service providers work directly for you and act in your best interest, and will provide their own individual services or reports.

    External Services

    When you purchase a property in Brisbane, you will need some local services in addition to mine. For example:

    • Local Conveyancing Services
    • Building and Pest Inspection
    • Property Management
    • Financial Services
    • Property Valuation

    After the property has settled, your direct contact with the day to day running of the property will be through the property management team, if there are any minor issues that need to be taken care of and I am able to handle them, then the property managers will contact me and I will ensure the issues are taken care of.

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    How I Select Properties

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