Complete Brisbane Buyers Agent Service

Complete Brisbane Buyers Agent Service

Complete Brisbane Buyers Agent Service includes every part of the property purchase process, from providing initial advise and education to identifying and sourcing properties that matches your requirements, managing the building and pest inspection and ensuring your property by one of the best property management teams in Brisbane.

One of your greatest concerns when investing in the Brisbane property market is not knowing the local property market and not knowing who to contact to ensure your get the best results and the highest level of service. This is why I act as your local property representative in the area and my role is to act on your behalf to ensure you receive the highest level of professional service throughout the entire property purchase process.

Here’s how I work with you and what separates my serve from other Brisbane Buyers Agent Services.

  • Step 1. Provide initial and ongoing phone consultation services to provide you with local Brisbane property knowledge. This is an ongoing part of my service to you the client and is designed to ensure you are fully aware of the regions, properties and demographics within the Brisbane property market.
  • Step 2. Inspect and provide reporting services on properties meeting your initial selection criteria. When I report on a property I will create a unique property report page and provide you with a full 3D Virtual Tour of the home so no matter where you are in Australia or the world, you can view the property as though you were there. It is the best way of viewing a property where your not local, I do not charge any additional fees for this service that no other Brisbane Buyers Agent provides.
  • Step 3. Determine Purchase Strategy when we have found a suitable property that matches your needs. This is something we do together, I will advise of the correct amount to pay for a property which will have been provided in the initial property report. From there I will create a purchase strategy designed to achieved our desired outcome.
  • Step 4. Carry out due diligence to ensure the property is in good condition. I will engage on your behalf Building and Pest Inspectors to carry out an inspection of the property to ensure there are no underlying issues we need to be aware of. I will attend these services and provide my own verbal report back to the new property owner who will also receive a comprehensive report and a phone call from the inspectors to give their own feedback on the property. Please note this and all services are arms length, no service provide pays me a referral fee of any type, I recommend these providers due to the high level of professional service they provide. 
  • Step 5. Conveyancing and legal representation. It’s important you have local legal representation to manage the contracts and title searches. I will recommend a conveyance that I have worked with for 20 years and provides my clients with the best service.
  • Step 6. Property Management Services is a very important aspect of owning an investment property in Brisbane. For this reason I have what I consider to be the best property management team to look after your property. They have track record of sourcing long term tenants who all take care of my clients homes.


To sum up, I act as your local property representative in the Brisbane region and I am here to take care of your property requirements, now and will into the future. I am reasonable for ensuring you get the best property in the right location at the right price.

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