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Meet Alistair Kelsall a Brisbane Buyers Agent who is determined to ensure you get the best property in Brisbane at the best price in the best location and provide you with the highest level of service and support.


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Alistair Kelsall

Brisbane Buyers Agent

Buyers Agent In Brisbane Alistair Kelsall

Alistair Kelsall

Buyers Agent in Brisbane

Alistair Kelsall is a Buyers Agent in Brisbane and one of the greatest advantages to choosing me as your Brisbane Buyers Agent is my in-depth knowledge of the Brisbane Property Market, the suburbs, the properties and the residents. I hold formal qualifications in many areas of real estate, finance and property investing which means I can provide you with a very high level of support and guidance throughout the entire property purchase process.  

My specialty is accessing Brisbane Off Market Properties which can save you thousands of dollars on the purchase price and identifying the next Brisbane Hot Spot which allows you to purchase a property at the lower end of the property price cycle and results in fast capital growth, low vacancy rates and strong returns.

Brisbane Buyers Agent

Brisbane Buyers Agent Features & Services


I provide more services than any other Brisbane Buyers Agent. I act as your local property representative here in Brisbane now and well into the future.

Brisbane Property Services provided by Alistair Kelsall a Brisbane Buyers Agent with 20 years experience in the Brisbane Property Market, I provide more services than any other buyers agent and utilise that latest technology to bring the property to you, no matter where in the Australia or the world you are.

Highly experienced and successful Brisbane Buyers Agents services to assist members of the public securing the right property.

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Off Market Properties made are available to me and have not been advertised or made available to the general public.

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Identifies suburbs & properties lower down in the property price cycle phase yet show clear evidence of future growth.

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I create full 360 degree Virtual Property Inspections for any property I inspect on your behalf.

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I target suburbs that are going to be popular in the near future which results in faster capital growth and returns.

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I provide every service you need to purchase a property in Brisbane and I will engage on your behalf and act in your best interest at all times.

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How Buyers Agent Works

How a

Brisbane Buyers Agent

Works With You

The first step in working with me is to find out all I can in regards to what you want to invest in, what you want to achieve and what is the final outcome you want from your investment property. 

The majority of the properties I purchase come directly from my extensive network of real estate agents who provide me with a regular supply of Off Market properties which can save you thousands of dollars.

You do not need to engage or look for any additional services, I work with some of Brisbanes best property professionals  who will provide you with completely independent property services, everything from building and pest inspectors to conveyancers.

I follow a highly regimented process that is designed to determine your needs, identify corresponding locations and properties, pay the right amount and ensure the property is in good condition.

Brisbane Buyers Agents Portfolio

Satisfied Client’s Reviews

Campbell Hull
Campbell Hull
Karatha, Western Australia
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I got in contact with Alister Kelsall in late August 2021, in search of the right property!Throughout the entire process he was easy to talk to, gave me great advise and placed me in the position I’m in now.

Justin Hughes
Justin Hughes
Melbourne, Victoria
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Alistair has been an absolute life saver. We couldn’t recommend his services enough. We were purchasing from out of state, into an area we were not overly familiar with.

Mitchell Wainwright
Mitchell Wainwright
Perth, Western Australia
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I highly recommend Alistair. His work goes above and beyond. He is an absolute professional in his industry with lots of knowledge and experience which makes the whole property


Frequently Asked Questions

A Buyers Agent is a person or agent appointed by another person to assist them in the purchase of a property. Investate provides Buyers Agents Services to anyone looking to purchase in the Brisbane property market.

The Buyers Agent will establish the requirements of the persons seeking to purchase a property in much the same way as a financial planner would.

I help anyone from local people to interstate and overseas buyers who need help identifying a suitable property. We provide ongoing local market education to our customers so that they themselves can make an informed decision on the recommended properties being presented

Investing in Brisbane Real Estate has a number of pitfalls for those that do not know the region. We have some very cheap suburbs that are going to stay cheap for a very long time. They may appear on the surface to be a good investment but 2 years later and the property has not achieved any capital growth and the tenants are behind in the rent. It’s my job to show you why and once you see it, you will understand.

It generally takes between 2 to 8 weeks depending on your requirements, budget and available stock.  Some buyers like to go slow in the beginning in order to become more familiar with the Brisbane property market and the types of property that are available. However in saying that, generally either the first or second property I show you ends up being the right property.

I can source any type of property you need, from units to townhouses to dual income properties to established house and brand new house and land packages.

My fees are some of the lowest in the industry yet I have have a vast amount of experience and provide more services than any other Brisbane buyers agent. Fees for Brisbane Buyers Agent service are 1.5% of the purchase price for investment properties and 1% for owner occupiers.

Why Choose Alistair

20+ Years Experience

One of the most diversely experienced real estate professionals in Brisbane.

Formal Qualifacations

I hold formal qualifications in Property Finance, Financial Planning and Real Estate.

Professional Network

Access a vast network of Brisbane property professionals. View properties before anyone else.

Know What Your Buying

I provide a high level of eduction to all my clients in a plain English format that will make sense.

Expert Negotiator

Pay the right price, my negotiation skills and strategies can save you thousand of dollars.

High Level of Service

I pride ourselves on providing a very high level of personal service to all our clients.