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With over 18 years of experience working in many sectors of the Brisbane Property Market, ranging from finance to financial planning and real estate investment. Has endeared me with a level of experience not found in many other Brisbane buyers agents.

You will also find I provide more services than any other Brisbane Buyers Agent and will work closely with you to achieve the best result.

With the ability to pick the next hot spot, you can be assured your property will outperform the market, regardless of current, market conditions.

  • Access the best Investment property opportunities
  • Off market property transactions. Access property before anyone else.
  • Licensed Finance Broker, Financial Planner and Estate Agency. Means I can provide a wide range of support and advise.
  • Expert negotiation skills, secure your next purchase at the lowest possible price
  • Purchase property that outperforms the market.
  • Invest in Brisbane with an expert at your side.
  • Save around 50% in fees when you work with me.
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Brisbane Buyers Agents


Our Brisbane Buyers Agent Service covers every aspect of the property purchasing process. From matching your requirements to the right property. Managing third party independent reporting services, right up to the day of settlement.

We provide you with a complete Brisbane property purchasing process. 

All you need to do is view the properties we send to you and let us know the ones your interested in.

Property Search

Units, established properties, new homes. We utilise our extensive local market knowledge to find your perfect property in the perfect location

Virtual Property Inspections

Dont put up with photos and videos from a phone. View it like you were there with 360 Virtual Property Inspections.

Independant Property Check

Utilises a number additional and unique services provided by ourselves as well as a number of external independent services

Selection Process

Selection process identifies locations and properties that are at the right point of the property price cycle and on the way up

Inspection & Reporting

Reporting services for clients who need a local contact to conduct an inspection of the property and provide reporting services.

Brisbane Property Tours

If you don't know Brisbane and you have the time, take a complimentary Brisbane Property Tour with me as your personal guide.
The Best Brisbane Buyers Agents Rates

Brisbane Buyers Agents fees

I operate a fixed fee for service model which can save you around 50% in fees when compared to other Brisbane Buyers Agents. There are no limits to the amount of properties we present and inspect and there are no time limits.

I do not charge an engagement fee, I am confident in my abilities that you will like what I do and trust me to deliver the perfect property for you. 

Brisbane Buyers Agents Fees
Brisbane Buyers Agents


Off Market Transaction

Off Market Transaction

This property was purchased well below market value thanks to one of my real estate agents who's seller needed to move it fast. This was one very lucky buyer! This is a good example of an Off the Market Transaction where the agent has contacted me with an urgent sale and I have had a customer to suit. I would honestly say the client paid at least $20,000 less for this property than if it had gone on to the open market

Fast Capital Growth

Fast Capital Growth

The land for this home was purchased for $265,000. We had knowledge that the land would take a year to settle however during this time the owner became impatient and requested alternative land in the same suburb of the same specs. We did at $350,000, it was the cheapest land we could get, needless to say he kept the original block of land and reaped the fast capital growth he made

Made $70,000 in 12 months

Made $70,000 in 12 months

Purchased for $580,000 now worth in excess of $650,000 in less than 12 months. Positioned between 2 far more expensive homes, this property gained a significant boost just by applying our 8 Point Section Criteria to the land and then designing and building a high-quality home.

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Cash flow Positive

Position Position Position, that's what the client wanted and that's what the client got. Located in the suburb of Kedron, this land was part of a subdivision located just 5 kilometres north of the Brisbane CBD. Investate purchased the land and built the home which was rented out less than 1 week after completion and is cash flow positive.

29 wigan St
Brisbane Buyers Agent 2

Ahead of Time - Dollendella

Over a year ago we identified Doolendella as a future Hot Spot in the Brisbane property market. We built 3 homes for clients there which have all now been completed. Just as they settled the media started to announce Doolendella as a good place to invest. It's all to late once the media get onto it, the secret to picking a hot spot is to pick it well before it becomes a hot spot. Otherwise, you're going to go into a heated market and pay top dollar for your property.

Brisbane Buyers Agent 3

Instant Equity

This is an example of buying land at the right price in the right location and then building a good quality investment property that will yield instant equity. This property cost $500K but its neighbours are valued at 1.2 million and $900,000 which is then going to be reflected in the value of this new home. I would anticipate it go straight up to $625K when completed.

Find a Home

With no upfront fees, it’s very cost effective to see how I can help you. Simply click the Find a Home button, enter your property requirements and start to receive matching homes. 

Find a property in Brisbane
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Brisbane House & Land Packages

As a Brisbane Buyers Agent, my work takes me all over Brisbane where I often come across land in strong locations at a good price, located in either small boutique estates or infills blocks, these investment properties are not your average house and land package.

These properties are very high quality and are specifically located and designed  to outperform the market no matter what the current conditions.

Brisbane Buyers Agent 8

Victoria Point Bayside Estate House Land Package

Just a few hundred meters to Moreton Bay. This property will receive high capital growth in the next 2 years.


Waterfront Investment Property Redland Bay Queensland

Either distance to capital city or distance to water are the 2 golden rules to property investing

Brisbane Buyers Agent 9

Moorooka Investment property

less than 5 kilometres to the Brisbane CBD, close to rail and major roads, this is positioned perfectly

independant professionals
Meet your support

alistair's team

I work closely with an extraordinarily talented group of Brisbane property professionals who are here to support you in their respective area of expertise. None of these people is paid any fees by me, they are here to work independently of myself and directly for you. They will provide their own independent advice and ensure your needs are taken care of and everything we do is in Your Best Interest. In most cases, they will provide you with a significant discount for their services.

Mike Buchecker

Mike Buchecker

Mike is here to assist you with any type of finance requirement you may have.
He is one of the best brokers in Australia of which he has been professionally recognised for.

Graham Gleeson

Graham Gleeson

Graham is one of the best property inspectors in Queensland. He is independant of Investate but you won’t find a better person to ensure the quality of the property you are purchasing.

Lauren Black

Lauren Black

Lauren works for Plasaris Lawyers and handles all the conveyancing requirements of our clients. She is one of the best solicitors we have known and entrust her will all our clients

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What my customers have to say

Brisbane Buyers Agent

why choose me

For 18 years I have been visiting Homs throughout Queensland in my role as a finance and investment advisor, meeting the owners, valuing their properties and witnessing first hand the growth of the Brisbane Property Market. This has given me a unique insight into the suburbs, the people and the properties. 

I have a unique ability to identify suburbs that are on the way up of the property price cycle, I don’t purchase in the suburbs that are at the peak of the property price cycle, I focus on the suburbs that are on the way up which gives you a better rate of both return and capital growth. 

Holding formal qualifications in property finance, financial planning and real estate means I can provide support over just about every facet of the property purchase process. This support does not stop once you have purchased your property, I will continue to be here and act your local property representative well into the future. 

In my business, YOU come first and that is why I provide far more services than any other Brisbane Buyers Agent and you will be hard pressed to find another with my level of experience, success and commitment to my clients.

Please feel free to pick up the phone and call for a discussion on how I can help you. 0405 131 333

FREE Initial Strategy Session

Brisbane is one of the most stable property markets in Australia with steady capital growth and good returns. It is a very safe city to invest in and it’s far more affordable than any other capital city in Australia that produces similar performance. If your serious about finding the best buyers agent own Brisbane, get started now by entering your property requirements for an obligation free consultation to gain knowledge of the market and to find out how we can help you.

Fixed Fee Service

Save around 50% when compared to other Brisbane Buyers Agents. Most Buyers Agents charge 2% per property which can work out to be very expensive. I have a simple fixed fee per property which is fair and saves you money. 

No Upfront Fees 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

The best guarantee I can give you is to not charge any engagement or upfront fees. I am that confident in my skills and knowledge that I do not feel I need to lock you in with a financial commitment until we have found a property and the transaction has been fully completed.

Brisbane Buyers Agent Guarantee
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