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Looking to buy, develop or invest in Brisbane? I am probably one of the best local Buyers Agents in Brisbane to help you.

  • 17 Years on the ground experience in a wide range of services
  • Licensed Finance Broker, Financial Planner and Estate Agency
  • In-depth knowledge of the Brisbane Property Market
  • Access "Off the Market Transactions" from local agents
  • View all properties using the latest in Virtual Tour Technology
  • Save yourself thousands of dollars in fees using my services
  • Highly skilled and successful property negotiator
  • No upfront or engagement fees
  • Guaranteed results
Alistair treated our investment like it was his own. He understood our needs as overseas buyers, protected our interests and secured a beautiful property beyond our expectations. Even after the transaction was complete he is assisting us with everything required. Highly recommended with no second thoughts!
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Oversea Investor

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If your interstate, you don't have to worry about your property in Queensland. We are here on the ground and treat each and every home as though it were our own and check on them frequently reporting back to you.

Virtual Property Inspections

Dont put up with photos and videos from a phone. View it like you were there with 360 Virtual Property Inspections.

Highly Experienced

17 Years hands on experience in the Brisbane property market in many different fields. I know this market and how it works.

Off Market Transactions

Property listings direct from agents before they go public. Be the first to access new homes before anyone else.

The Right Location

Everyone follows the media, even the other Buyers Agents. If you follow the media, Your too late. Access the next hotspot.

Low Fees

Save up to 75% when compared to other buyers agents and get more services and guaranteed results.


A very strong history of successful purchases and new home builds on behalf of clients throughout the Brisbane and South East Qld region.

Lowest Fees in Australia, around a third cheaper and probably twice the service levels. Payable on Settlement. Reducing Your Risk. Pay Nothing Upfront. I am that confident in my abilities.

Real life examples of my work.

No matter wether your looking for an established property or you want a brand new home, I can provide you with the best results.

Off Market Transaction

This property was purchased well below market value thanks to one of my real estate agents who's seller needed to move it fast. This was one very lucky buyer! This is a good example of an Off the Market Transaction where the agent has contacted me with an urgent sale and I have had a customer to suit. I would honestly say the client paid at least $20,000 less for this property than if it had gone on to the open market.

Made $70,000 in 12 months

Brisbane Buyers Agent Success Stories
Purchased for $580,000 now worth in excess of $650,000 in less than 12 months. Positioned between 2 far more expensive homes, this property gained a significant boost just by applying our 8 Point Section Criteria to the land and then designing and building a high quality home.

Cash flow Positive

alistair kelsall cash flow positive
Position Position Position, that's what the client wanted and that's what the client got. Located in the suburb of Kedron, this land was part of a subdivision located just 5 kilometres north of the Brisbane CBD. Investate purchased the land and built the home which was rented out less than 1 week after completion and is cash flow positive.

Saved from paying too much at auction

Our client was interested in bidding at auction on this property, it was a very nice home situated in a good suburb close to Brisbane and ticked all the boxes. Our on site valuation gave it a value of $750,000. We then set a budget for the client as to her limit and attended the auction. In the end the home was sold for $850,000, well over it's value. I think we saved this lady a great deal of money.

Ahead of Time - Dollendella

Over a year ago we identified Doolendella as a future Hot Spot in the Brisbane property market. We built 3 homes for clients there which have all now been completed. Just as they settled the media started to announce Doolendella as a good place to invest. It's all to late once the media get onto it, the secret to picking a hot spot is to pick it well before it becomes a hot spot. Otherwise your going to go into a heated market and pay top dollar for your property.

Development Properties

Hard to find but highly rewarding. Properties like this one can be split now or in the future to produce significant returns. This one was purchased to hold and has access from both the front and the rear of the block so splitting in the future will be easy.

Instant Equity

This is an example of buying land at the right price in the right location and then building a good quality investment property that will yield instant equity. This property cost $500K but it's neighbours are valued at 1.2 million and $900,000 which is then going to be reflected in the value of this new home. I would anticipate it go straight up to $625K when completed.

Saved over $125,000

3 Properties in a row purchased in a Self Managed Super Fund. These properties are to be land banked for future development, the customer will hold them for 5 years upon which time we will develop the properties and turn them into a group of units. Original asking price was $1,275,000, Investate was able to negotiate a purchase price of $1,150,000 saving the client and extreme amount of money.

Saved $40,000

Purchased for future development, this property might not be very pretty but the land is going to be worth small fortune in years to come. Located one block back from the water with views that can never be built out. Asking price on the property was $520,000, Investate successfully negotiated a sale price of $580,000 saving the client $40,000.

Fast Capital Growth

The land for this home was purchased for $265,000. We had knowledge that the land would take a year to settle however during this time the owner became impatient and requested alternative land in the same suburb of the same specs. We did at $350,000, it was the cheapest land we could get, needless to say he kept the original block of land and reaped the fast capital growth he made.

Unique & Proven 8 Point Property Selection Process Ensures You Get The Right Property

our working process in 4 easy steps

We have a proven 4 step process to helping you get started in the Brisbane property market

Initial Consultation

Our initial obligation free consultation is conducted in person or by phone and is designed to get to know you first and  identify your requirements, preferences, budgets and goals for the property.Nothing is better than speaking to someone who knows the Brisbane market place like the back of their hand and you will find this initial consultation very informative.

Property Search

Once we have identified the selection criteria the search process begins. Our first step is to notify the many agents throughout Brisbane which gives us access to their latest property listings before they go to the main marketing web sites giving us access to properties no one else is looking at yet. Properties sell fast these days and we need to be their first.

Physical Inspection

Once we have shortlisted suitable properties we will conduct physical inspections on your behalf. We utilise the latest technology including drones to take you for a virtual tour of the property and give you a chance to ask questions or highlight areas you may wish more detail on. Either recorded onto video or walk you through the home using face time so you can see what we see.


The final step when you have selected your new property is to enter into negotiations on your behalf to secure what we feel is the correct and best price for the property. Prior to any negotiations we will provide you with a report on the area, the median house price and our opinion on the market.  We know property values and we will advise you on the price we believe we should be aiming for.

FREE Initial Strategy Session

Brisbane is one of the most stable property markets in Australia with steady capital growth and good returns. It is a very safe city to invest in and it's far more affordable than any other capital city in Australia that produces similar performance. If your serious about finding the best buyers agent own Brisbane, get started now by entering your property requirements for an obligation free consultation to gain knowledge of the market and to find out how we can help you.

Bonus Free Monthly Market Update

Each month we publish our on the ground market update and includes actual market observations derived from our work on the ground and supported by actual real time data. This will give you insights to the Brisbane property market not found anywhere else.

Bonus Access to our Brisbane Hot Spots

Our Brisbane Hot Spots are based on our own experiences and knowledge of the Brisbane Market Place. Only members get access to this information

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