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Best Brisbane Buyers Agent

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Best Brisbane Buyers Agent

Alistair Kelsall is the best Brisbane Buyers Agent you will find. Why he 20 years of hands-on experience working in many different areas of the Brisbane property market. From property finance to investment property education to financial planning to real estate. You will be hard-pressed to find another Brisbane buyers agent with his level of experience and skills.

Many years working in mortgages he has sat in hundreds of homes throughout the South East Queensland region, met the people who reside in these homes, conducted inspections and valuations of these properties over the years and has watched the property market change. This level of experience gives him first-hand knowledge of suburbs demographics from experience, not reports.

Being so immersed in the Brisbane Property Market the market as a Brisbane Buyers Agent he can identify the suburbs that have not seen the massive increases in property values other suburbs have experienced and can accurately predict the next  Brisbane Hot Spot, not the ones that are hot now and this is the biggest advantage you will have when working with Alistair Kelsall.

The Secret

The real secret to investing in the Brisbane property market is to not invest in the suburbs that are popular now. The location you want to pick is the one that is going to be popular in the future. In effect, you want to purchase a property that is at the bottom or lower half of the property price cycle. By doing this you stand to make far more in capital growth in the short term rather than buying a property that is at the top end of the property price cycle.

In order to do this, you need to be able to accurately identify suburbs and properties that are going to experience increased market pressure in the future, not now. There are some suburbs in Brisbane that will always be cheap, they might sound like a bargain but you need to understand the region and the demographics. Take for example Ipswitch, for as long as I can remember, Ipswitch has always been promoted as a good region to invest in. But after all these years property prices have no increased in line with the rest of Brisbane and the simple reason is the amount of available land and the number of ongoing developments.

For not much more capital you can invest in a 4 bedroom brick and tile home on over 400m2 of land within 15 kilometres of the Brisbane CBD for around $500K with a rent return of around $460 per week. You end up with a cash flow positive investment property that has the potential for significant capital growth in the next 5 years. This is where the skills of the Best Brisbane Buyers Agent comes in and skills you will be hardpressed to find in another Brisbane Buyers Agent.

In the case 0f this type of property, there are new estates being developed in the outer lying suburbs of this particular target suburb. The homes are being sold for around the same amount but and this is where a good analytical mind comes in, these new homes are being built on land sizes of 300m2 or in some cases even less. Now if the value of a property is based upon its land value. Then it makes logical sense that in the future, good quality homes on larger blocks of land will see an increase in market pressure which will then lead to an increase in property values. Remember property investing is a long term investment option and we are looking 5 years ahead into the future. This is the type of knowledge and skills Alistair Kelsall the Best Brisbane Buyers Agent brings to you.

Don’t Listen to the Media

If you’re talking to a Brisbane Buyers Agent or a Real Estate Agent and they mention locations that you have heard of because the media or people are saying it’s a good area to invest in, which makes you feel good about what you are being told. Take a step back and remember this golden rule to property investing. “Don’t Listen to the Media” because everyone else and they will all be targeting properties in the same area as you which increases market pressure which increase property prices and you end up buying a property at the top of the Property Price Cycle.

Another benefit of working with Alistair Kelsall, the Best Brisbane Buyers Agent is his professional network of real estate agents. For many years Alistair was the Regional Manager for Real home loans and from there he went on to work with the Ray White network and then on to Elders. These positions allowed him to build strong relationships with hundreds of the best real estate agents in Queensland. So when you engage Alistair and he has determined your property requirements, he doesn’t go to the major property portals to search for available listings, he sends out your property requirements to his database of agents and principles.

Off Market Properties

The true skill of the Best Brisbane Buyers Agent is being able to source a property that is not available to the general public. These are called Off Market Properties. By finding Brisbane properties for his clients this way he cuts out the competition from other potential buyers and can secure a property at a very good price. There are many recent examples in his Brisbane Buyers Agent Portfolio where you will see he has been able to purchase very good property at around $15,000 to $20,000 below the asking price. He can do this because he is an expert negotiator, knows the value of a property and learns the driving factors behind the sale. It might be that someone is in financial hardship and needs to sell fast, in this case, the conditions of the contract become more important than the price.

Best Brisbane Buyers Agent
Off market properties

Virtual Property Tours

As you would expect from the Best Brisbane Buyers Agent, Alistair goes out of his way to make sure you know as much about a property as you can, even if you are not here and for that reason, Alistair brings the property to you and provides virtual tours of property inspections so you can view a home in fully immersive 360-degree tours. He felt videos and photos just did not portray the true property but his 3D Property ours are the next best thing. They are viewable on any device and you can share them with anyone you like.

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One-Stop Service

When purchasing a property in Brisbane you are going to need some additional services to ensure your legal rights are taken care of, the property is in good condition with no pest issues and the property is managed by the best property management companies in the area of your property. Alistair as your Best Brisbane Buyers Agent will organise, liaise and attend property inspections, reporting back to you directly as well as a verbal report from both the building and pest inspectors. He will put you in contact with a very good property conveyancer who will ensure your legal rights are protected and all contracts are correct. Property management is another service you will require if you have purchased an investment property and again Alistair as your Best Brisbane Buyers Agent will ensure the property management team contacts you directly and has everything organised in time for settlement.

Alistair provides every service you will need to purchase a property in Brisbane. Any business or professional service that Alistair connects you with as a Brisbane Buyers Agent is conducted at arm’s length. That means he is not recommending a service for a fee, he takes no referral fees of any type. Services provided are recommended because they are the best in the business.

Another unique service that sets Alistair apart from the rest and makes him the Best Brisbane Buyers Agent is his Brisbane Property Market Tours. Don’t know Brisbane and want to see it for yourself, Alistair provides you with a unique Brisbane Property Market Guided Tour. It’s a half-day adventure usually and you will get to see the suburbs, the properties and the people first hand.

Best Brisbane Buyers Agent
Brisbane property services

Your Local Property Representative

In his claim to be the Best Brisbane Buyers Agent, Alistair will continue to provide ongoing support well into the future. In his own words. “All the properties are mine, you pay for them but I am very proud of every single property I have purchased and will gladly stand by every one of them“.

If a minor issue comes up with the property and my client is not from Queensland or Australia, I will act as your local property representative and take care of anything I can myself. The property managers generally contact me with any issues, which are usually very minor and can be easily remedied by myself.


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