Brisbane Buyers Agent Saves You Money

Brisbane Buyers Agent Saves You Money

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A Good Brisbane buyers agent saves you money when purchasing a property in Brisbane. The Buyers Agent should be able to accurately value the property, establish a negotiation strategy and implement successfully.


For example, a recent property I purchased on behalf of a client had a list price of $500,000. This was actually a fair price for the property as the current owners had paid that amount for the home 3 years ago. The property should really have been on the market for around $525,000 but it was dirty and needed a very good clean, plus there was a breakup and property settlement involved which created a sense of urgency. All these little bits of information were gleaned from the real estate agent and they are a very important part of the property purchasing process that I as a Brisbane Buyers Agent employ to save you money.


With this information in hand, an offer was presented to the agent at $485,000, $15,000 below the asking price. If we keep in mind the untidy condition of the property that will scare many buyers off and the sense of urgency, then we can make the focus of the offer the terms rather than the price. In this particular case, we offered 7 days for Building and Pest Inspection, 14 days for finance approval and 30 days for settlement. The agent was made fully aware that the buyers were pre-approved and finance would not be an issue.


The offer was accepted and my client purchased a property $15,000 under the asking price. But there’s more to this story, upon the pre-settlement inspection, it was noted that the property was not in a clean and tidy state, which was one of the terms I added to the contract. We had our property manager organise 2 quotes to have the property cleaned and the gardens attended to at the owner’s expense and when completed the property came up beautiful. It was rented out 2 weeks later for $460 per week a return of 4.9%.

And that is how a Good Brisbane Buyers Agent not only saves you money but makes you money.

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