Sell My House Privately Brisbane

Sell My House Privately Brisbane

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Sell My House Privately Brisbane through Alistair Kelsall’s Brisbane Buyers Agent Service. I have a lot of clients looking to invest in the Brisbane property market and are very happy to enter into a private sale direct with Brisbane property owners. Save yourself thousands in agents commission fees, no inconvenient open homes and a fast sale with a pre-approved buyer ready to go.

How It Works

Simply send me your property address and your sale price expectations, I will conduct and valuation of the property and create a virtual tour. The property details are then sent out to my current buyers whose requirements match your property. Once a buyer is allocated to your property, contracts are drawn up privately and passed through the normal legal channels. The process is the same as a normal property transaction minus the agent and the agent commission fees.

It is a very simple and fast process and can save the seller a great deal of money.


One of my existing clients wished to sell the property that I purchased for him in 2017. It was a good property then as it still is today and I have a number of clients looking to secure an investment property in the area. We agreed on a price, created contracts and followed the normal process of conducting building and pest inspection and bank valuations. All reports came back very strong and the property went unconditional within 14 days and settled in 30 days saving the owner of the property around $15,000.

Sell My House Privately Brisbane is a way to generate a fast sale with no open homes and a very smooth and easy transaction.

How to Sell Your Home Privately in Brisbane

To sell your home privately through my service in Brisbane, just enter your contact details in the form to the right and include the property details and your requirements in the message body. It’s very easy and will save you thousands in agent commissions and the inconvenience of opening your home to the public.


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